Community hacks is a hackathon open to anybody with a vision and a goal of carrying out solutions that can help migitate the detremental effects of the coronavirus on our community.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many societal problems have arose. It is our goal to band together innovators to build engineering solutions and take on such issues. 

Community hacks is a great oppurtunity for anyone interested in the field of computer science. All levels are welcome and anyone with a vision of innovation can participate. 

Although there is no restricted theme in this hackathon, creating a project that targets the effects of the covid 19 pandemic is recommended. 

Here is a list of steps for you to follow in order to attend community hacks:

Step 1: Register

Registration will be done on devpost. It is important for everyone who wants to attend Community Hacks to register on Devpost as it allows for easy team formation and an general impression of how many attendees we are getting.

Step 2: Read the Rules 

It is extremely important that everyone reads the rules and code of conduct for eligibility in Community Hacks. This is to prevent any unfairness or misunderstandings that might occur later in the hackathon. 

Step 3: Start Hacking

We are called a hackathon for a reason. This is the time where you can build whatever project you want to make an impact on the community. You can work in groups or individually, however groups may not exceed 4 people. 

Step 4: Submission

After you are done building a project, make sure you submit it through devpost following the submission guidelines listed below. Include everything needed in the requiurements section of this devpost page.

Step 5: Results

Stay tuned for results, as winners will be announced shortly after the submission deadline.

Community Hacks will last for 1 week. Make sure you are able to finish your project in such a time period. Most importantly however, HAVE FUN!


Participants: at least 13 years of age

Teams: 1-4 people

Countries: All countries are allowed to participate


Projects should be submitted directly through Devpost no later than the specified deadline.

Your final submission should include the following:

-A detailed description of your project and what it does

-A github repo of the project code

-Proof of actual implementation(can include a demo video up to 7 minutes long)

Hackathon Sponsors


1st Place Hack

Prize awarded to the general best project.

2nd Place Hack

Prize awarded to the 2nd best project.

3rd Place Hack

Prize Awarded to the 3rd best project.

Best COVID-19 Hack

Prize awarded to project that can create the greatest impact on the covid 19 pandemic.

Best COVID-19 Hack

Prize awarded to project that can create the greatest impact on the covid 19 pandemic.

Best UI

Prize awarded to project that has the best project with the best UI.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Bi-Zheng Chen

Bi-Zheng Chen

Xun Ling

Xun Ling

Mark Davis

Mark Davis

Judging Criteria

  • Functionality
    Is the project able to run without errors.
  • Creativity
    How creative is the project idea.
  • Impact
    How impactful is the project in the community.
  • Smoothness
    How nice does the project look.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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